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How to Remove Old Carpet Stains

Written by Sienna_Brown

If you have old stains on your carpets and you are wondering how to get rid of them, then you need to learn the right cleaning methods and techniques in order to handle the situation. There is a large number of methods that you can use to say goodbye to old carpet stains.

If you desperately need help to remove old stains from your carpets, because you want to bring the good look of the fabric back then, in the text below our experienced cleaning London veterans will share with you the basics of how to remove old carpet stains.

1. The first and very important rule to follow when dealing with old stains on your carpets is to identify the affected area. If you are able to do this of course. If you know what substance caused the stain it will be much easier for you to clean the area. Unfortunately, different sorts of stains require different treatment. So, if you have no clue what the stain is, then you have to take a shot in the dark in order to find the right cleaning method for your needs. And if this is your case, in the next lines we will share with you a few methods that you can try to get rid of old carpet stains.

2. If you want to get rid of the annoying old stains on your carpet, then you should try the steam cleaning method first. It is a practice (among home owners) to use carpet shampoo instead of steam when they have to remove carpet stains. You should be aware of the fact that carpet shampoos may leave marks on the surface if they are not thoroughly rinsed off. And this happens a lot. Moreover, the remaining carpet cleaning solution attracts more dirt. However, if you choose to use the steam cleaning method, there is not a chance to have a problem like that. The steam will break down the spot and will make it disappear. If you do not have your own steam cleaner, then you can rent one from some professional cleaner.

3. The other method that you can try to get rid of old carpet stains is known as green cleaning. This cleaning approach includes a wide range of different homemade recipes that you can use to create your own cleaning mixtures with cheap household products. For instance, professional cleaners in London recommend using shaving cream on light coloured fabrics to get rid of stains. Also, you can try club soda to make spots, caused by red wine or other coloured beverages, disappear.

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